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Message par Invité le 08.01.14 0:06

The December 2013 ICCF webserver update: some notes for players
Dear chess friends,
A major update was applied to the ICCF server in the last few days of 2013, some of the updates were related to changes in ICCF rules agreed at ICCF Congress in Krakow, and others were general improvements to the server.  Full details of the update are on the web site, this document is intended to guide players through the new features; Tournament Organisers and Tournament Directors should also refer to the accompanying document.
Responsive Design
The website is now designed to look good on all devices, from widescreen computer monitors, through portable tablets, to mobile phone screens.  Rather than have multiple websites, the information displayed on the screen now adapts to the size of the screen, for example the menu collapses to a dropdown list on a smaller screen and the chess boards adjust their size depending on the available viewing area.
As part of this work, there is no longer an option to configure the ‘My Games’ screen, the screen is automatically configured depending on the size of the screen it is viewed on.  Since the release, we have had a great deal of feedback about the loss of this feature, in response to this feedback, we will re-introduce an option to configure the games list later this year.
New logon control
The old “Find my ICCF ID” button has now been removed; you can now start to type your name in the login box, and a list of similar names will appear; select your name from this dropdown, and your ID will be automatically inserted into the login box.
General display updates
We’ve tidied up the way that new events are advertised on the site, and we’ve made it easier to find current and previous events on the Tables and Results screen.
Server Based Claims
We’ve streamlined the process for making claims in games; if you have a claim on time, threefold repetition, 50 move rule, etc. you now file that claim by completing an online form on the server which is linked from the dropdown menu on the game page.
Please note that in team events, all claims must be approved by your team captain before they can be considered by the tournament director.  Team captains have access to the claim form for any particular game through a link under the board on the game page.
Also note that for ICCF events starting in 2014, you can now claim a win or a draw based on six piece tablebases.  Later this year, we will introduce automatic claim evaluations for situations which can be evaluated by the server (for example threefold repetition).
Nous avons rationalisé le processus pour faire des réclamations dans les parties; si vous avez une réclamation concernant le temps, la répétition triple, la règle des 50 mouvements, etc vous déposez maintenant cette requête en complétant un formulaire en ligne sur le serveur au sous-menu "Faire appel" du menu déroulant "Partie".
Notez S'il vous plaît que dans des événements d'équipe, toutes les réclamations doivent être approuvées par votre capitaine d'équipe avant qu'eux -mêmes en réfèrent au directeur de tournoi. Les capitaines d'équipe ont l'accès au formulaire de demande pour n'importe quel jeu particulier par un lien spécifique sous le tableau à la page de jeu.
Notez aussi que pour des événements ICCF commençant en 2014, vous pouvez maintenant revendiquer une victoire ou une nulle basée sur les tablebases 6 pièces. Plus tard cette année, nous présenterons des évaluations de réclamation automatiques pour les situations qui peuvent être évaluées par le serveur ( par exemple la répétition triple).

Leave and Special Leave
The default leave allocation for ICCF events is now 45 days per calendar year; Special Leave is no longer available for tournaments starting in 2014.
In addition to the Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian versions of the website, we now also offer Polish and Japanese translations; we continue to improve support for multiple languages; email notifications to team captains are now sent in their selected language.
Chess960 Rating Lists
Chess960 events can now be rated; future ICCF rating lists will include Chess960 ratings in parallel with standard chess ratings.
I hope these updates help to improve the ICCF playing experience; I realise that sometimes we make mistakes (for example, removing the configuration option on “My Games”!), however I am hoping to improve communication between the Services Committee and players, so that your feedback is heard and acted upon more efficiently.
If you have any questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.
Amici Sumus,
Austin Lockwood, ICCF Services Director


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